Telltale Signs Your Resort’s Website is Sabotaging Your Bookings Rates

Telltale Signs Your Resort’s Website is Sabotaging Your Bookings Rates
Posted on Feb 26th 2014

Your website is your vehicle to showcase your property. It’s likely to form your guests’ first impression of your business and has the power to drive more bookings than any other component of your online campaign.

But if you’re not giving your site the attention it deserves, it could actually be driving away guests before they hit the ‘Book’ button. Take a look at these 4 major warning signs – are you guilty of sabotaging your bookings rates through website neglect?

It’s Not Mobile Friendly

With an estimated 6 billion mobile users worldwide, the days of wondering whether a mobile-optimised website is really necessary are long gone. Not only does the majority of the world’s population own a mobile, more and more of them are using their devices to search, share and make purchases online. In this case the statistics don’t lie; if you still haven’t optimised your resort’s website for mobile, you are losing out on colossal numbers of potential guests.

You've Forgotten to Include Calls To Action

Calls to Action (or CTAs) guide your visitors to complete a desired action while they’re on your site, helping you to capture leads and generate more bookings. They allow you to gently take charge of a user’s behaviour by driving them to take the next step and engage further with your property – whether that’s by signing up to your email newsletter, following you on social media, or making a booking. Without them, your guests have to work that bit harder to find out how to connect with you or book, so make the process as easy as possible for them by placing a simple CTA on every page.

You Haven’t Made SEO a Priority

The words you optimise your pages with help Google decide where to present your website to users in the search results pages. And since around three quarters of Google users never look beyond the first page, it’s up to you to do everything you can to make sure you end up there. Before you write your website copy, you need to conduct a comprehensive SEO analysis to make sure you pick the right keywords to funnel as much of the right traffic to your site as possible.

You're Neglecting Your Website's Analytics

You’re viewing your website’s analytics platform and observe that your visitors seem to be engaging with your content. They visit a number of pages, and spend a significant amount of time browsing each one, but then leave the site without making a booking. Sound all too familiar?

At first look analytic stats like bounce rate, unique page visits, and returning visitors can appear baffling, but reading between the lines of this data will help you paint a clearer picture of why your visitors aren’t turning into paying guests – and then work out what you can do to fix it.

Can you relate to any of these telltale signs your website’s not doing all it could be to drive bookings? Make this year your year to transform your resort’s website into a powerful marketing powerhouse that drives more bookings than any other channel!



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