Six Link Building Strategies For Higher Search Rankings

Six Link Building Strategies For Higher Search Rankings
Posted on Nov 1st 2013

Search engines see the number of links directing to your website as a strong indication that your content is worth linking to, and therefore worth ranking highly on the search results page. However, increasingly, it’s not just the sheer volume of links to your content that matters, but their quality too. Ideally your resort’s link profile should only include back links from credible, relevant, high authority websites deemed trustworthy by Google and the major search engines. So how do you go about building quality links? Here are six simple ideas.

Create quality content

Regularly creating great content that other people are happy to share is one of the best ways to generate lots of quality links to your site. Happily, there are plenty of ways you can make sure your site is supplied with a steady stream of fresh content, including a blog, a latest news section, uploading press releases, videos of your property, and more.

Google Place Pages Listing

A few years ago Google’s Places Search merged results from Google Place pages with organic search results. Claiming your resort’s Place page and filling in your property details, including a link back to your website, is an important way to improve your local search results while generating another quality link to your content. Just remember that like websites, Google gives higher ranking to Places Pages that are frequently updated with quality content.

Social Media

Social media platforms provide a useful opportunity to promote links back to your resort’s website and encourage others to share links for you. Each time you update your site with a new blog post, you should be directing others towards it via social media.

Forums and blogs

Another useful way to expand your back link portfolio is by posting on relevant forums and blogs. The key idea here is to become an active and valuable member of the community, and NOT simply spam them with marketing pitches for your property. Google does not look kindly on such behaviour in the search rankings and the site owners won’t either.

Suppliers and partners

Are you affiliated with any local businesses such as wedding photographers, restaurants or car rental companies? Don’t be afraid to ask if they can place a link to your website on their site and be ready to return the favour.

Video marketing

Creating and posting video content to sites like YouTube opens up lots of opportunities to link back to your site. You can show off your best facilities with a video tour of your property, interview staff members, create video guest testimonials and more much as inspiration strikes.  

An effective link building campaign can pay dividends when it comes to climbing search rankings and directing quality traffic to your resort’s website.

Do you have a link building strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

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