Mobile Website Checklist

Mobile Website Checklist
Posted on Nov 5th 2013

Mobile web usage is at an all-time high and most businesses know that a mobile strategy is an essential component of a successful online presence. Building a mobile-friendly version of your resort’s website is the first step, but what happens next? This checklist will ensure you have the essentials you need to benefit from all that mobile traffic.


Test your resort’s mobile site on an actual mobile device. It may sound obvious, but it’s an important step that can get overlooked.


Four out of five Smartphone users use their devices to access Twitter and Facebook. You need to ensure that your social media content is mobile-friendly and just as importantly, that you’re creating content that your guests will actually want to engage with and share. Before you publish anything, ask yourself ‘would I share this if I was in this demographic?’ If the answer to that question is no, don’t publish it.


It’s important to remember that your guests are likely to be browsing across several different devices – including phones, tablets and PCs. Make use of Google’s Universal Analytics to track one person’s behaviour across multiple screens and analyse the booking cycle in its entirety.


Your guests are using their mobile devices to research and plan their trips, but increasingly, they’re using them to pay for these trips too. In fact, mobile spending is predicted to exceed 15% of all ecommerce expenditure by the end of 2013, which means you need to make your mobile booking process quick and easy. Simplify the process by putting as few barriers between the guest and the completed transaction as possible. 


Around 62% of emails are now opened on a mobile device. Of course, it’s vital to send your guests emails that they actually want to open. One of the best ways to do this is with triggered emails which get sent out automatically when someone completes a call to action or on a certain date within your contact database. These include welcome emails, thank you emails and even celebratory birthday messages. When customised with personal data, they’re a great way to make a guest feel valued and boost engagement levels with your future email campaigns.

Has your resort got a mobile-friendly website yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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