It’s Time To Start Thinking About Your Christmas Social Campaigns

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Posted on Oct 19th 2016

It’s approaching the end of October, which means Christmas will soon be snapping at our heels. As marketers, that means it’s time to at least start to spare a thought towards this year’s holiday campaigns. Social media offers a fantastic opportunity to reach out to your guests with seasonal offers and inject a little festive cheer into your marketing efforts.

Although you may think it’s still too early to begin planning your Christmas marketing tactics, if you leave it too much longer it will quickly become too late. With this in mind, here are 4 ideas to get you thinking about how you can reach your audience and make your social marketing merry this December.

Run a Festive Competition

Running a contest or competition is a great way to encourage interaction throughout the year, but the classic way to do it during the seasonal period is by running an advent calendar style giveaway, with new prizes everyday in the lead up to Christmas. This format is ideal for boosting engagement because it encourages guests to check back day after day, but there’s also the alternative of offering one big prize to be won at the end of the Christmas period. Your contest mechanism could be something as simple as a festive quiz or asking guests to share their favourite Christmas getaway memories or even pictures of themselves in their best Christmas jumpers.

Whatever you opt for, remember to use consistent imaging and fonts throughout your Christmas contest posts to differentiate them from your other content. Time to get thinking about what you could give away to your guests that follow you on social media!

Promote Your Christmas Offers

Of course, a big part of winning your guests over at Christmas is about creating the right promos and discounts to lure them in. Whatever special packages you think are best for your guest demographic, there are an array of tools and tactics you can use – banners, landing pages, calls to action and social images created with free Christmas stock photography, as just a few examples – to assist with their promotion.

Schedule A Post For Christmas Day

In between all the present unwrapping and overeating on December 25, your guests will be on Facebook wishing their friends and family Merry Christmas. Your hotel should take the opportunity to send a friendly message too, and luckily, you don’t need to drag yourself away from your own celebrations to do this. Simply create your Christmas message and use the Facebook scheduling option to schedule your post so that it arrives on your guests’ feeds while you’re busy preparing Christmas dinner.

Share Tips and Ideas

Everyone’s looking for inspiration this time of year – from the best places to shop for bargains to which restaurants offer the best seasonal buffet for the big day. This is your chance to show off your local knowledge and provide information that is of real value to your guests in the process, so keep an eye on the festive events that are happening in your city and be ready to share them with your audience. Of course, if they need a place to stay after checking out that great nearby Christmas market, you can market your property as the obvious choice.

Have you started thinking about how you will promote your hotel on social media this Christmas? What tactics have you used successfully in the past?


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