How to Activate Facebook insights for Your Hotels Website

Posted on Mar 23rd 2011

Today we’re going to demonstrate how to activate Facebook Insights for your hotels website. To do this you will need to have a Facebook Fan page setup for your Hotel, be the administrator of this Hotel Facebook Page and have access to your websites content management system or someone with the ability to update your websites meta content. 

Facebook Insights provides Facebook Page owners with metrics around their content. By understanding and analysing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Hotel Facebook Page owners are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook. To see metrics on your Facebook Page go to the Insights Dashboard. These metrics are only available to Page administrators. 

Let’s get started. First you must claim your domain by associating it with a Hotel Facebook Page. You can do this by clicking on the green “Insights for your Domain” link from the Insights Dashboard. 


Once you click that button a window will pop-up requiring you to enter the Domain and select which Hotel Facebook Page to Link with. First select the Hotel Facebook Page from the drop-down list to display the correct meta content to be inserted into the html of your website. Note: If you enter the domain name before inserting the meta content into your html Facebook will return an error. For the purpose of thsi demonstration we will use the eTourism Facebook Page



Next you will need to copy the Meta content. Highlight this code and copy it to your clipboard. 



Using your content management system insert this meta content into the <head> section of the root page of your domain. If your site utilises subdomains, the root file of each subdomain must be claimed. If you don’t have access to your content management system you will need to send this request to your website administrator. To follow is an example of inserting the meta content into the <head> section of the html on our Hotel Marketing website. 



Once you have inserted the meta content into the html return to Facebook Insights and enter the URL then select Get Insights. Facebook will then check to ensure the meta content is added correctly. 



Now from the drop down select the page you just added Insights to.



Once Facebook Insights has been added to your Hotel website you can now start to measure the engagement of your content. What pieces of content are most popular, best times to share content etc. 


Note: The above insights are an example only and not real data for the eTourism Facebook Page. 

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