How Social Media Can Boost Your Hotel’s Search Visibility

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Posted on Jul 6th 2017

There are few digital marketers out there that would dispute that both search engine optimisation and social media are essential components of any effective online strategy. After all, SEO is the original tactic for helping the right audience find your hotel when they’re planning their breaks; while social media is the place your guests converge, share and engage everyday.

But there’s still a fair amount of confusion about how these two strategies work together. Are links, shares and Likes on social pages used as ranking signals or not? Not directly, according to Google’s Matt Cutts. But that doesn’t mean that social media can’t powerfully enhance your hotel’s SEO efforts – when done correctly.

Not convinced? Here are three reasons why social media and SEO are intrinsically interconnected.

1. Social Media and Quality Backlinks Go Hand in Hand

Despite a string of algorithm changes, quality backlinks are still used by Google to assess the relevance of your website and determine its ranking in the SERPs. Your hotel’s social media pages are the perfect platform to launch your link building campaign.

It’s very simple: promoting your property on social media is largely about sharing your best content and doing what you can to generate engagement around that content. The more interesting, helpful and unique your content, the more of your audience will share it with their friends and family, and the more opportunities people have to find and link to your content.

2. Social Media Gets Your Content Seen By More People, Just Like SEO

While your social media pages should be focused more on engagement than self-promotion, there’s no denying that they provide another, hugely valuable place to showcase your content and boost your online reach.

So, even though social metrics such as shares and likes may not have a direct impact on ranking, there’s no denying that social media opens up your content to a much wider online audience – which after all, is the ultimate goal of SEO.

3. Social Media = Brand Awareness = More Clicks

Since social media helps get word out there about your property, your guests will be much more likely to recognise your brand and click when your hotel comes up in search. This increased brand awareness could also translate to a boost in branded organic search traffic landing on your hotel’s website.

Be the Best Answer for Your Guests

Wherever and whenever your guests are searching, if you can be the most interesting, helpful and relevant answer to their search queries you’re halfway to winning a booking. One central part of that strategy is leveraging social media marketing and search engine optimisation, both individually and together.

Have you considered the link between social media and better search visibility? Let us know in the comments below!


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