3 Social Media ‘Rules’ You Can Afford To Break

3 Social Media ‘Rules’ You Can Afford To Break
Posted on May 20th 2014

Some rules are made to be broken, and social media rules are no exception. That’s not to say you should let chaos reign on your account, but if you’re sticking to the following code of conduct too rigidly, you could actually be limiting your campaign’s potential.

1. Post As Much Content As You Can

True, you need to keep a steady stream of content flowing to your resort’s social media accounts if you want to keep guests engaged. But a focus on constantly adding new posts can easily lead to some pretty substandard content slipping through the net. On Facebook, you should limit your posts to two a day at the very most, and even this amount can be too much. Although adding new content is essential to keep engagement levels high, when you post too much, you run the risk of simply adding to the non-stop social media ‘noise’ that clutters up your audience’s stream and gets ignored.

In fact, the Facebook algorithm is actually designed to filter out the kind of content that its users would prefer not to see. It registers when a user repeatedly clicks on a brand’s page, and is more likely to show them this brand’s content in the future based on those preferences. If your resort is constantly churning out low quality content just to have something to post, your guests will stop clicking, and as a result Facebook will be less likely to show them your posts in the future, no matter how much thought you put into these posts moving forward.

2. Build The Biggest Audience Possible

The conventional school of thought on social media can be summed up as follows:

“The brand with the most followers wins.”

This belief turns Facebook into a numbers game for many businesses. We all want more fans – especially more fans than our competitors. But what good are all these fans if they never intend to engage with you, sign up to your mailing list or make a booking? Fans that don’t engage are not only effectively worthless; they can actually damage your campaign.

When you post content to your resort’s page, Facebook displays it to a small portion of your audience. If these people decide to engage with the content, by hitting Like, sharing it or leaving a comment, Facebook displays it to a larger portion of your audience. So if, in a bid to win as many fans as possible, you’ve collected people that don’t have any real interest in your property, they won’t engage with your posts, and you’ll actually find it more difficult to reach a larger audience who may be genuinely interested in making a booking.

3. Always Post When Your Audience Are Online

Knowing when your audience tend to be online is critical if you want your content to get seen by as many pairs of eyes as possible. But that doesn’t mean you should let your guests’ behaviour completely govern your posting schedule. If you post at the same times week after week, you can be certain you’re missing guests that have different browsing habits, so be sure to switch things up on a regular basis to reach those that don’t fit the mould.

How much do you stick to these common social media rules? Let us know in the comments below!


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