3 Benefits Of Content Creation You Shouldn’t Forget

Creating Quality Content in a Competitive Market
Posted on Jun 17th 2014

The abundance of analytics tools available online have made it easier than ever to measure the impact of content campaigns.

But away from valuable metrics like click-through rates, bounce rates and traffic volume, there are other, less tangible benefits of an effective content strategy to consider.

Here are 3 key factors not captured in your analytics data which you should remember to include in your resort’s next content ROI analysis.

1. Content Shapes Booking Criteria

A lot of marketers make the mistake of optimising their campaigns purely for transactional terms.

In reality, good content should guide your guests through the booking cycle, helping them to gradually educate themselves about the criteria they will ultimately use to make a booking decision. If you don’t create engaging, comprehensive content to inform this process, you lose out on a hugely valuable opportunity to influence guests early on in the booking cycle - before they have formed concrete ideas about their booking criteria.

2. Content Creates A Stronger, More Consistent Brand Identity

Done effectively, content will help you create consistent messaging that puts your resort’s value proposition in front of your guests and builds your brand reputation online.

3. Your Guests Expect You To Produce Quality Content Regularly

Your guests have become so accustomed to interacting with businesses online that they fully expect these brands to regularly produce engaging content for them to engage with.

According to a recent study by WP Engine, 46% of online consumers read the blogs of their favourite businesses. Even more revealingly, 40% believe a brand who does not produce content regularly will suffer negative effects such as losing communication with customers and losing out to competitors.

The data makes it clear: content creation is an essential component of meeting your audience’s expectations online.

The cost of not meeting these expectations should be factored into any ROI assessment of your content strategy.

There are benefits to a strong content strategy that extend far beyond those demonstrated by your analytics data. If you really want to gauge the success of your content campaigns, remember to include these important ‘intangibles’ in your next strategy performance review.

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