10 Of The Best Tweets For Hotels

Posted on Mar 6th 2012


Are you running out of tweet ideas? Josiah Mackenzie at ReviewPro has turned the spotlight on the accounts of some of the most successful Tweeters in the hospitality industry to put together a rundown of the ten most effective kind of tweets for hotels.


1. Respond to customer questions and comments

Twitter is your chance to build an ongoing dialogue with your customers about your resort. By posting @replies to people who comment on your hotel, you can build relationships with customers and partners while illustrating a less corporate side of your business.  

2. Retweet positive feedback.

Acknowledge your supporters by retweeting positive comments about your hotel. Although it’s possible to go overboard with the retweets, sharing the odd piece of positive feedback will show your customers your appreciation while allowing them to do some promotional legwork for you.  

3. Share content 

If you see content you like, retweet it. This helps enhance your twitter account with interesting and useful information, while helping you to form valuable relationships with other content builders.  

4. Share advice and recommendations 

Identify the image of your hotel you wish to project through your Twitter account and then share tips, advice and recommendations that reflect this. Lifestyle content is popular among Twitter users and is a great opportunity to build your brand personality.  

5. Highlight your media coverage

By passing on media mentions of your hotel, you can benefit from further exposure through retweets and word of mouth.  

6. Ask questions 

The potential of Twitter as a market research tool should not be underestimated. Want to gauge opinion on a facility or service you’re thinking of introducing? Post a question and the answers will follow.   

7. Post a contest 

Contests can increase customer participation, provide valuable market research and even help generate future blog ideas. Present your followers with a simple question – the best attractions on the Gold Coast, for example – and wait for the answers to come flooding in.  

8. Make the most of real-time

As we’ve seen repeatedly, the real-time format of Twitter ensures it is frequently the best source of information for breaking news. Hotels can use this to their advantage by offering help to stranded travelers during storms, strikes or delays, or by posting timely updates on local events. 

9. Share your personality 

Sharing your personal thoughts on topics that interest you can help communicate the non-corporate, human side of your hotel. Although this kind of content may be more appropriate for small hotels, occasional tweets on personal interests can help build an online personality and make customers more likely to want to connect with you.  

10. Recruit talented staff 

Twitter can be an excellent addition to your recruitment strategy. Consider setting up a separate human resources account to draw experienced and talented people to your team.   Twitter is an essential component of your digital marketing campaign: are you making the most of your account?

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