Video Services

Businesses of all kinds are wising up to the potential of promotional video as a powerful marketing tool.  

In no industry is this potential greater than in the travel and tourism sector, where the product for sale is an aspirational experience which can be difficult to convey with text alone. And with search rapidly changing to accommodate the world’s fascination with social media, online video is about to get even more important. 

eTourism offer a video design and production service designed to showcase your property’s best features, promote your brand and generate more bookings. 

Bring Your Property to Life

 Text is a great way to describe and sell your best selling points, but when it comes to conveying the actual experience of staying at your property, video is hard to beat. By combining visual imagery and sound, video can capture the unique ambiance of your property and the surrounding area, sparking your guests’ imagination and prompting them to visualise their break and get ready to book. 

Boost Your Search Rankings

 When internet users see a video online they enjoy, they share it with their friends and family via social media, allowing you to widen your reach through digital word of mouth. And with the advent of social search, Google is using social signals such as ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ to determine how it ranks its search results, which makes video an SEO winner too. 

Generate Bookings

 The way that people respond to different media types is changing, and as radio, print and TV are getting left behind in the digital age, it’s online video that looks set to dominate. Research has shown that video is significantly more effective at generating customer response and action than text and photography alone, which means it might just be one of the powerful call to action strategies out there. 

To find out more about our Video Design Service, please contact eTourism today.