Online Reservation System Features

eTourism Online Features

Direct PMS Connectivity

Our Last room availability functionality with supporting property management software PMS's means you'll never again miss an opportunity to sell all your available rooms.

We currently have a direct connection with - EzyRez, REI Master & RMS, but don't worry, with our open integration policy we are happy to connect to any PMS when requested by a client.

Channel Manager Connectivity

eTourism Online has a direct connection with Siteminder, Ezychannel, HiSite, Levart, Update 247 and Resonline. We have an open integration policy and are happy to connect to any Channel Manager as requested by a client.

Quick & Reliable

Our Online Reservations System is trusted by some of Australia's most successful Hotels and Resorts to handle millions of dollars in guest bookings each year.

Customised To Your website

The look and feel of your online reservations system can be customised to reflect your brand and will be integrated seamlessly into your website.

Full Integration With SiteMinder & Other Leading Channel Managers

We offer complete two-way integration with leading Channel Managers, enabling you to pull inventory from your Channel Manager of choice.

Open Connectivity Policy

eTourism are more than happy to provide connectivity with third party software to meet your individual needs. We can supply API information on request.

eTourism Holidays Distribution

Within the click of a button you can connect directly with the eTourism Holidays Portal and start advertising to more guests today! eTourism Holidays has hundreds of websites within its network, all focused on selling your accommodation to as many people as possible.

Email Marketing Functionality

eTourism Online includes a powerful email marketing system that allows you to easily market to repeat guests. After all, it's easier to sell to existing customers than new customers!

Package Functionality

You can setup accommodation packages that include transport and extras within just a few clicks of the mouse.

Coupons & Rewards System

eTourism Online allows you to set-up special rates/packages for guests using coupon codes or a reward points system. This makes it possible to offer exclusive group rates such as discounts or inclusions not available to the general public.

Web-based Call Centre Tool

Want to be able to access your inventory via the web? Need the ability to provide travel agents or affiliates with a web based reservations tool with special rates and packages? Want to outsource your call centre requirements? It's quick and easy with the eTourism Online Call Centre Module.

Pricing & Availability Grid

eTourism Online includes the popular and attractive pricing grid style booking interface, which displays up to 10 days availability at a time.

Full Travel Agent & Affiliate Control

eTourism has embraced third party distribution channels, making it easier for your property to accept travel agent and affiliate bookings online. Don't worry - you retain full control over rate and package availability and commission structures.

API Connectivity

With the eTourism Online API it's now possible to connect with more third party software providers than ever. This may include the integration of a customised reservations interface to ensure the tightest possible integration into your website. It might also include connecting to a new Channel Manager or Property Management System and our open connectivity policy makes connecting to third party software providers even easier.

Flexible Pricing Model

From as little as $22 per month, eTourism Online can manage your property's entire online reservations requirements. Our pricing model is flexible and tailored to your needs.

Flexible Set-up

eTourism Online is currently used by small motels, independent hotels with 400 + rooms and large hotel and resort groups. Whatever size your property, or whatever your special requirements, eTourism Online has been built to fit perfectly into your business!


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