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Automated Email Marketing

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Guest Connect is an intelligent email marketing product that helps you to connect with new and past guests more effectively.


Using real-time data from your hotel’s property management system and the latest email marketing tools, we are able to segment your database and target specific guest groups with highly relevant and personalised email campaigns.

These segmentation criteria might be based on stay dates, length of stay, type of guest (family, couple, individual) and local and national events. Examples include:

  • A campaign to target guests with a past reservation of 7 days. This might be a ‘Thank You’ campaign requesting the guest to leave a review or connect with you on Facebook.
  • A ‘Welcome’ campaign for guests with a check-in in the next 7 days, including check-in details, perhaps transport/travel details and a link to purchase tickets for attractions or tours in the local area.
  • A ‘We Miss You’ campaign targeted at guests who have stayed at your property within the last 12 months, excluding those with a reservation in the next 2 years.
  • A campaign that targets every previous guest once per month until the guest makes a reservation sometime in the next 2 years. This could be a list promoting your upcoming specials.
  • A ‘drive market’ campaign focused on guests that have stayed within the past 12 months that live within 100kms of the property.
  • A campaign targeting previous guests that live within 100kms of the property that have previously stayed a maximum of 2 nights.

These are just a few examples of the highly targeted campaigns that can be created using Guest Connect with the eTourism iLaunch CMS.

Once scheduled the campaigns run automatically!

Please note: campaign rules are subject to the data and functionality provided by the Property Management System.

eTourism Guest Connect Interface & Sample Email

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What eTourism will do for you

  • Work with you to plan and strategise your email marketing campaigns to improve guest relationship
  • Design and develop your email marketing template / creative
  • Write persuasive and compelling copy, customised for your campaign
  • Setup and monitor your ongoing relationship marketing campaigns
  • Manage your guest’s unsubscribe requests
  • Setup Google Analytics and provide ongoing reports on the success of your email marketing campaign

Contact us today if you would like eTourism to help you build a better relationship with your guests.

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