eTourism Facebook Custom Design Terms & Conditions

  1. The client must nominate one representative to be the single point of contact between the client and the eTourism. The representative will be considered the primary liaison and authority for decisions made concerning the project.
  2. The Graphical Templates (GT's) supplied within a project allow an additional 1 hour of changes, if the client is not completely satisfied with the end result. Changes which exceed 1 hour will be billed at the standard rate of $110 per hour. All changes are to be provided in a single document. To ensure the design is effective as possible, it is important that the client provide a detailed description of the design expectations and requirements.
  3. Any project materials including Logo's, Images and Content must be delivered to eTourism as soon as possible once the proposal has been signed and authorised. Development will be suspended until all outstanding material is received.
  4. eTourism will not be liable and holds no responsibility for delay caused by the non-receipt of required Logo's, Images and Content. Failure to provide all materials may result in the project being delayed or stalled.
  5. eTourism will not be liable for any stock images that may be purchased on behalf of the client. The cost of the images will be invoiced to be paid prior to launch.
  6. Unless specified within the quote, the project does not include a copy writing service. The logical and grammatical structure of the provided documents is the sole responsibility of the client and will not be proofed by eTourism unless requested as part of the deliverables. Content proofing and copy writing are charged at an additional cost.
  7. If the client places the project on hold or the project is stalled the client will be required to pay for the work completed to that point. If only the sign off is required the remaining balance will be due.
  8. eTourism reserves the right to terminate a project that has been put on hold or stalled for any period longer then 6 calendar months. At such time all monies received will be forfeited. All monies outstanding at this time will become due.
  9. If payment has been delayed and is not received on the due dates or milestones then development will stop and no further development will be carried out until all outstanding monies have been received. If development is suspended due to late payment then priority will be given to other projects and the related project will have to be re-scheduled into production.
  10. The completed project will not be launched until final payment and written sign off has been received.
  11. In no event will eTourism be liable for any lost revenue, profit, or data, or for specials, indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages however caused.
  12. On delivery of the project for review, the eTourism technical team will support the implementation/integration of the custom Facebook page for a period of 30 days. This support is strictly limited to fixes and advice which are within the scope of the development specifications or project brief. This support period is void if any person outside of eTourism modifies the project.
  13. Billable maintenance and modifications will be provided at an hourly rate of $110 per hour. You will be billed at the completion of the changes or modifications according to the number of hours worked.
  14. Any changes made to part of the development after the contract has been signed, will still require the full payment of the agreed upon amount in the contract.
  15. eTourism reserves the right to include a discreet, minimised development stage on the bottom baseline of the project. This tag will link back to the eTourism website -
  16. eTourism reserves the right to promote the client as a client of eTourism and include the client's logo, name and contact details in marketing and advertising programs.
  17. eTourism supports all copyright laws and expects that all content provided will not infringe on existing copyright holders. eTourism will not knowingly engage in infringing on existing material.
  18. The term of this contract is 24months; further 12 month term contracts will be automatically entered into unless otherwise advised by the client in writing no less then 90 days prior to expiration.

For more information on any of these terms and conditions please contact your sales representative.