How to Identify Your Guests' Needs and Take Email Segmentation to the Next Level

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Posted on Sep 27th 2012

We’ve already discussed the importance of using email list segmentation to categorise your contact database and create tailored email marketing campaigns that target specific guest groups. You might choose to segment your leads based on demographic information such as age and gender, by location, or even using behaviour based data like the type of content your leads have previously viewed. 

There’s another highly effective way to segment your leads that might not be so obvious –their needs! If you can find out what your guests need and identify their pain points, you stand a great chance of positioning your resort ahead of your competitors as the obvious “solution” to these problems. This advanced type of lead segmentation and nurturing is more straightforward than you might think. Just follow these simple steps to better lead segmentation. 

1. Identify Your Leads’ Needs

The first step to identifying your leads’ needs and challenges is data collection. You could do this by conducting a survey of your leads, but the easiest way is simply to add a new field to your resort’s landing page forms. This new field should be open-ended to encourage a full answer eg. “What are your individual guest needs?” After adding this extra form fields to your landing pages, you’ll need to promote your landing pages so you can start collecting data! 

2. Analyze Your Data

Once you’ve collected a substantial amount of data, you can get to work analyzing it. To do this, you will need to export the data from your CRM or PMS. Don’t forget to export demographic and behaviour based information for those leads that completed the new “needs” field too – this is all valuable information which will help you to segment and nurture your leads. When you’ve exported the data, read through some of the responses and try to get a feel of the challenges your guests are expressing. What are the common themes? Try to identify as many separate themes as you can and use these to categorise your responses. When you’re done, you’ll probably notice that a few categories have more responses than others. These most mentioned themes will help you create a list of your guests’ ‘needs’ or ‘challenges’ which can then be made into a drop-down list on your forms.  

3. Add the Drop-Down Field to Your Landing Page Forms 

After you’ve identified the key issues that affect your leads, you can create a drop down form field to use on your forms. You can just replace the open field you used to collect your data with a drop-down form field based on your leads top pain points. Now, your guests will be able to select options that best represent their individual “needs” or “challenges.”

4. Segment Leads by Need

The final step is to segment the leads you’ve collected by need. Pull information on your leads’ needs and persona from your CRM or PMS and use this data to create lists that fit various criteria, then simply import that list into your email tool. You’ll now be able to create and send content that is even more targeted to your guests’ specific needs and problems, which means great things for your open and click-through rates!

When you provide your leads with content that speaks directly to their individual needs, your resort will become their first choice when it comes to booking. 

Are you ready to take your email list segmentation to the next level?


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