How To Clean Up Your Contact List For Better Email Marketing Results

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Posted on Jun 11th 2014

Email remains one of the very best ways to reach your guests online. But that’s only if you’re reaching people that actually want to hear from you. Low quality, outdated contact lists will seriously hamper your online marketing campaign, so if you can’t remember the last time you gave yours a spring clean, it’s time to do so.

1) Segment The List By Contact Freshness

Segmenting your contacts based on how long they’ve been on your list helps you reach out to new leads while they’re still fresh.

To do this, work through your list and assign an age to each of your contacts, using either the date they subscribed or the last time you interacted with them as a basis. You can then go ahead and segment based on factors such as booking history, location and interests to keep your campaigns as personalised as possible.

2) Let Your Guests Opt-In

How are you getting people to subscribe to your email lists? The most effective way to build a quality list of interested, engaged contacts is to allow people to opt-in and receive content by choice. To make this work, you firstly need to be sure you’re regularly creating helpful, valuable content that your guests would love to read more of. Secondly, you need to find ways to actively ask for those subscribes – via a landing page form, check-box on your booking page or other method.

3) Run a re-engagement campaign.

Perhaps there’s a pocket of your subscribers that you’ve noticed never open your emails? Don’t give up just yet. By creating a re-engagement campaign, you may just be able to win some of these unengaged contacts back.

Setting up a re-engagement campaign needn’t take long. Craft a compelling message that gives this group of guests the choice of opting in to your messages, letting them know they can simply ignore the email to be removed from the list altogether. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask for feedback, too, so you can go on to create better email content that engages more people in the future.

4) Delete Unengaged Subscribers

No matter how hard you try, your re-engagement strategy won’t win over everyone. Don’t spend too much time worrying about this; quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to email subscribers. If certain subscribers still aren’t opening your mails, remove them. After awhile, you’ll find your open rate will increase as the people on your list interested in receiving your content outnumbers those who aren’t.

To get the best results from your email marketing campaigns you’ve got to maintain clean, up to date lists full of people who really want to engage with your resort.

Have you cleaned-up your property’s contact list recently? Let us know in the comments below!


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