Google Sizes up the Online Competition

Posted on May 14th 2010

There is a buzz in cyber space in the wake of Google’s release of the new look interfaces.

The user friendly, cleaner, fresh interfaces feature a left - hand navigation bar which updates based on search questions. It has also proven to provide easier access to specific types of search results such as books, news articles ect. 

The recent redesign is said to be one of many new features Google is implementing in preparation to compete against the much anticipated Search Alliance between Yahoo! and Microsoft.

The Search Alliance is an agreement between the internet giants to provide a mutually beneficial merger of their services. 

The agreement sees Microsoft gaining control of the technology platforms for both natural and paid search, additionally; Microsoft AdCenter will become the single platform for paid search results. Yahoo! will be responsible for “supporting high-volume advertisers, SEO and SEM agencies focusing on adding rich content and enhanced listings. 

Search Alliance is in its final stages of development and is said to become Google’s most prominent online competitor alongside Microsoft’s search engine Bing. 

Google’s major redesign overhaul is said to be in response to the increase in competition in the search engine realms of cyber space.  Since Bing’s release in summer 2009 Mircosoft’s share market has risen almost 4 percent, ensuring that competitors such as Google take note of their rapidly growing popularity. 

With Search Alliance due to be realised prior to the end of the year, it is predicted that Microsoft will continue pouring funds into its search engine with the added bonus of being able to harness Yahoo!’s technology  via the Search Alliance.

 It seems as though the cyber war on power is about to recommence and it looks like Google and its new redesign have placed it in the leading position, but we can only wonder who will take out the gold in the end. 

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