Email Marketing - When Less is More

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Posted on Sep 5th 2013
No doubt you’ve heard the expression ‘Less is More’ numerous times in your life. When it comes to email marketing, it is surprising to see that a number of business and property owners think people are reading through their entire emails. The fact is, very few people actually read marketing related emails, they just scan them - just like you would the morning paper if you only had a spare 5 -10 minutes.
So, imagine you’re having breakfast, and you realise you only have 5 minutes until you have to leave for work, but you still want to quickly browse the paper to see what’s going on in the world. What stands out to you? Headlines, images? And if they’re intriguing enough, you want to read a brief sentence or two to see what they’re about. Correct?
The same goes for your email marketing campaigns, when it comes to content - Less is More!
Keeping key messages or call-to-actions of the campaign above the fold is basically mandatory. The ‘fold’ in an email is the point where the recipient needs to scroll down to see the rest of the email. If you’re not sure where the fold is in your message, why not send some tests and see for yourself. Nobody likes bulky content and it can often lead to un-subscribes.
Another point to note is that the more clickable links there are above the fold, the more likely it will be that your recipients will click through to your website, and that’s always the initial aim.
Tips for lessening your content:
  • Eye-catching images and CTA’s
  • Clickable links in the right places
  • Brief content on your property and things to do
  • 1 -2 special offers or packages
Simple! Keep this expression in mind for your next email campaign. Aim for less and keep your guests engaged.

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