An Important Reminder about password security


An Important Reminder About Password Security

At eTourism, keeping you and your business secure online is one of our top priorities

Choosing Secure Passwords is of upmost importance so we strongly urge that all our clients review their passwords to ensure that they are protected in all systems that they use. This should also include both your emails and the admin panel of your website.

Here’s a quick, common sense guide to selecting a good password to keep your hotel safe everyday.

  • Maximise security by choosing a password that is difficult for anyone else to guess or hack. Avoid obvious choices such as 123, “password” or the name of your city, property & phone number.
  • Longer passwords (between 8-10 letters) which contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters are more secure.
  • Choose separate passwords for your email and admin panel.
  • Frequently update your passwords every few months to make them even more difficult to crack.
  • If you need to write your passwords down, keep them in a safe place, away from your computer - do not email them!

Some of these suggestions may seem painful but your security should be a top priority over the fact that you have several passwords to remember. If your passwords are compromised, a lot of damage can be caused in extreme circumstances. We do not want this to be YOU!

There are many tools available that can help you manage & select your passwords and at the same time keep them secure.

If you have any concerns about keeping your property’s website and emails secure, contact the eTourism support team at anytime on [email protected] or by phoning 07 5502 2001.

Kind Regards,


Your eTourism Support Team!

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