Top 6 Ways to Get a Retweet

Posted on Oct 27th 2010

Twitter is a social network that allows resorts to share brief, 140 character messages. Each time another user shares your message it is considered a ReTweet. ReTweets expand you reach as an individual or company and can contribute additional website traffic, subscribers and customers. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, here’s how to setup.

But if you do have an account and you’re noticing that your followers don’t retweet you that much, you better check your Twitter habits.  Read our top 6 ways to help you get the retweets that you want.

1. Don’t Talk About Yourself Too Much.
Sometimes, being overly talkative about your resort can be a bad thing (eg. Tweeting about how incredible your resort is every 2 minutes).  While the whole point of having a Twitter account is to extend your reach extensively online, overdoing it gives you the risk of getting no retweets, no replies, or worse, no followers.  Instead, try talking about features that you are planning to incorporate in your resort and ask their opinion about it.  This way, your tweets can create a conversation and not just pure self-advertising.

2. Ask and It Shall Be Given to You
You don’t need a miracle to get a retweet, but the least you can do is ask.  Like any form of marketing, calls-to-action matter in social media. So if you have special deals in your resort that you would like to announce,  ask your followers to retweet, but don’t forget to ask politely.

3.   It’s Too Technical.
Twitter is a fairly literate and intelligent audience but they can get annoyed when you begin using industry jargons (words that only people in the resort industry know of) in your tweets.  Try to avoid saying anything too difficult to understand, and use only small, simple words.

4. Always Include a Link
Twitter users love to spread links to content they liked. Give them the opportunity to share yours by including a link to you blog or new feature when you’re tweeting about them.

5. Be Unique.
If you say only the same things everyone else is saying, you lose the attention of your followers and therefore, won’t get any retweets.  Be critical with Twitter topics and don’t be afraid to have a different opinion.  People will love you more if you bring something original to the table.

6. Use URL Shorteners
The URL Shortener was invented for one thing and that is to give you more space to write things in a 140-character message. It won’t use up precious characters, allowing your followers to ReTweet you.

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