Signs Your Call-to-Action May Need a Revamp

Posted on Oct 6th 2010

Call-to-action (CTA) is an integral part of every online marketing campaign as it is the driving force that will convert your guests.  It can be an image or text that tells your readers what action they should be taking next. If you’re not generating enough leads and conversions, your CTA might actually be the problem.

So how do you know if your CTAs may actually need a little makeover?  Here are the signs:

No Traffic on Your Landing Pages
An obvious sign that you need to rethink your CTAs is that you’re not getting traffic to your landing pages even though your site overall is receiving decent traffic.  The reason might be because your offer and corresponding CTA doesn’t answer the crucial question your site visitors want to know: “What’s in it for me?”   You want to be sure that you’re offering something that visitors are willing to exchange their contact information for.  You can offer free eBooks, free whitepapers, free webinars, travel guides, hotel vouchers, etc in exchange for their contact information.

One more thing, make sure that your CTA is click-able so interested visitors may be led directly to the page where the actual “promotion” is happening.

No Leads
Lack of leads is another sign that your CTAs need an overhaul, and is also tied to the fact that you need a compelling offer. Make sure that your CTA accurately matches the offer and don’t over promise on the CTA in an attempt to increasing your click-through rate.  Don’t say on your CTA that they can Get a Free 3-Night Stay on Your Resort and when they click it, they will find out that they have to purchase the first 2 nights to get one night free.  It is deceiving and your visitors will instantly lose interest in your site, maybe even your resort.

It is Difficult to Find
In some sites, their only CTA is hidden away on a page that takes three clicks to find. That means that if your site gets 300 visitors per day, that’s 300 lost opportunities to get leads (minus however many actually navigated or Google-searched to that exact page the CTA lives on).  There’s nothing wrong with having your primary call to action right on your homepage. In fact, there should be a primary and secondary CTA on nearly every page.   Check out our CTA on our homepage. [link to homepage]

It’s at the Bottom
People are lazy. It’s the truth. Just like most people don’t go past page #2 in Google, people are lazy to scroll down and if their eyes don’t find something interesting in less than 5 seconds, they will leave your website. Place your CTAs above so the user can see them without scrolling down.

It doesn't stand out
Small, almost fine-print type of text, will not be enough to grab your visitors’ attention. Make your CTAs bold, with graphics and colors that they can’t miss. Contrasting colors can help draw a visitor’s eye to the action you want them to take.

So don’t miss the signs; take your resort’s call-to-action to the next level.

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