Repurpose Your Old Content for New Leads and Traffic

Posted on Nov 24th 2010

Marketing experts always emphasise the need to regularly create fresh and original content that it’s easy to overlook the potential of previously published or posted content.

If your resort has put a lot of thought, time, and effort into your content, it only makes sense to find a way to re-purpose or use it again.

Previously published content is anything from blog articles to webinars to ebooks and whitepapers. Now,hopefully you created unique landing pages for each of the webinars/ebooks/whitepapers you initially produced to collect sign-ups and generate leads.

To continue generating leads from past webinars, create new landing pages so people can sign up to receive an archived webinar recording if they missed the live presentation. Creating new landing pages will also enable you to track leads generated from the archive separately from leads generated from the live webinar.

Also, when promoting old content in social media or when linking to it in other content (e.g. new blog articles), you want to make sure you're promoting the best of your older content. It's likely content that performed well when it was first published will also perform well when promoted again.  You can do this by linking your old posts within your new ones.

A great way to help you to strategically and intelligently pinpoint which of your previously published content should be used in promotion is by using analytics.  Open your Google Analytics account and check which among your old content got the most page views.

To check if your efforts to repurpose old content are paying off, use your Google Analytics to track the amount of social media traffic coming to your blog since you started promoting these content in social media. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet, here’s how to setup.

So be a smart and strategic resort marketer and repurpose your old content to acquire new leads and traffic.

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