Pinterest Meets The Travel World

Posted on May 15th 2012


New social media site Pinterest has been creating a buzz in the marketing world recently, and it looks as though the travel industry is beginning to jump onboard.  

Originally popular with designers, food lovers and artists, it turns out the free photo ‘pinboard’ platform is just as useful for planning trips as it for sharing recipes and interior design ideas. The straight forward visual blogging lay out of the site provides an attractive overview of a potential holiday destination’s food, historic sites, natural attractions and cultural scene, while clicking on a picture of interest offers more in-depth content.  

A good example is the Pinterest page of the US city of Savannah, Georgia which is driving traffic with boards like “Savannah Hotels,” (some photos link directly to online reservations) “Savannah Dining” and “Savannah I Do: Weddings”, with photos of the city’s most romantic outdoor wedding destinations and venues, as well as flower designs and cakes made by local businesses. Likewise, the Winchester, Virginia profile features a board called “Places We Love” with photos of scenic and interesting spots around the city as well as an “Events and Attractions” board. 

From “Restaurants to Try” to “Hotels to Consider” individual travellers are using Pinterest as the ultimate digital scrapbook to plan and relive trips, find recommendations and share ideas and experience with others. 

Although it’s still a fairly new platform, its potential for driving interest in your resort should not be overlooked. Keep up to date with new social media platforms - create a Pinterest board and start sharing photos today.

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