Pinterest Introduces Enhanced ‘Article Pins’

Pinterest Introduces Enhanced ‘Article Pins’
Posted on Oct 3rd 2013

Visual bookmarking site Pinterest is rolling out a new type of pin aimed directly at content publishers. The new, enhanced “article pin” is designed to make it easier for users to save and collect interesting written content they find around the web for future reference. From a marketing point of view, the update provides another useful way to promote your resort’s blog articles and drive traffic to your content in a fresh and visually appealing way.

What has changed?

Article sharing on Pinterest is not an entirely new thing; in fact, users have always been able to share any URL they choose. Up until now however, pinned written content would only display as an image and a small link to the post.

With the latest update, pinned articles have just got a lot bigger and better, and will now feature critical information such as the article headline, story description, and source URL.  

Conveniently, the image-based platform will also automatically adjust any articles you’ve pinned in the past to make sure your old stuff benefits from the exciting new look too.

What the changes mean for you

To start with, it means if your resort hasn’t already added Pinterest to your social media routine, it’s time to do so! Now, whenever you share a link to a new blog post on Facebook and Twitter, you can add Pinterest to the mix and open the doors to thousands more readers and potential guests.

The addition of easier to use article pins is just one of many improvements Pinterest has introduced in the past year to make itself more useful to members, businesses and advertisers alike. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, it’s become more important than ever for your resort to get onboard or risk losing out on valuable visibility and traffic.

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