Pay Attention to Your Twitter Mentions

Posted on Sep 6th 2010

Answering and acknowledging frustrated clients or interested prospects are just not enough anymore when it comes to social media marketing. We have discussed previously on how to deal with Twitter complaints but what if what you have in your hands are  just mere brand mentions?

A brand mention could be found when people talk about you in a blog or in social networking sites, the most common of which is Twitter.  It’s when they tag you on Twitter posts such as “I’m in @ChevronTowers enjoying their breakfast buffet.” or “Having fun with the kids at @ChevronTower’s Olympic-sized pool.”  You know that it’s not a complaint but should you still reply or just let it pass?  Well, before you do anything, you need to realise that a client tagged you in that post with a reason and it’s to express that they are patronising your services and offerings.  And that is always a GOOD thing.  You should reward their patronage by offering them extra services, tips or freebies. 

It wouldn’t hurt to give them short replies like “Thank you for trying out our buffet! Make sure to have a taste of our homemade chocolate cake in the desserts section. :)” or “You and your kids can make use of our floaters, just approach our lifeguard.” This way, clients can feel more welcomed and appreciated for being loyal customers of your resort.

You don’t need to have complaints to show your clients how much you value them or how much you want to serve them better.  In the end, it’s always the little things such as paying attention and replying to Twitter mentions that will give you a loyal client base.

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