Mobile internet- What does this mean for Resorts?

Posted on Jun 28th 2010

The internet has truly turned mobile. The popular trend in today’s society is mobile internet, and everywhere we look resorts are jumping on the band wagon. Mobile internet allows people to access websites on their mobile phones, literally anywhere – buses, trains, resorts, absolutely anywhere. Mobile internet is aiming to achieve a new dimension. So the big question is, ‘What does this mean for resorts?’ Ultimately, it means there are endless opportunities to advertise and engage with their online communities.
We have spoken about the benefits of social media, we have discussed how location based technology can assist your resorts positive buzz, but now what we want to look at is the overall affect of these social media techniques coupled with the boom in mobile internet.
What this inevitably means is that if your resort is effectively utilising your social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursqaure ect. then you have the maximum opportunity to benefit from this mobile internet craze.
The mobilization of the internet has been a focus point in online marketing campaigns, as it allows for more precise targeting and more explicitly local campaigns. By using the mobilisation to your resorts benefit, there has never been a more effective way to encourage people to interact, engage and book with your resort. Today’s society is technologically impatient, people don’t like to waste time and they want their information fast. Mobile internet is the obvious answer to all of these modern issues.
Your resort should seek to ensure that your website design is first mobile phone (iPhone and Android) friendly. Once your resort website is up to the appropriate standard you will need to make the most of your social media strategies. Don’t forget how useful Foursquare is for guests to ‘check in’ once they arrive at your resort, or how on Twitter you can offer promotion for guests via the Tweet system. Mobile is the way of the future for internet, so to ensure your resort gets the best results, you need to incorporate mobile techniques into your marketing strategies. 

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