How To Use Vine to Market Your Resort

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Posted on Nov 19th 2013
It has only been ten months since Twitter introduced its video sharing service Vine, and in this short time the app has gathered more than 13 million users worldwide. 
Vine allows users to get creative with the video cameras on their Smartphones to create six second looping video clips to share with friends and family on Twitter.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the biggest groups to embrace Vine has been travellers, with many taking advantage of the easy to use service to show off the luxury of the hotel they’re staying at, the scenic local beaches or all the delicious holiday food they’ve been enjoying.
For you, Vine represents another valuable opportunity to market your resort to your online audience. Here are seven Vine video ideas to start conversations that could lead to conversions. 
Virtual Tours
You can’t tour all your property’s best features in six seconds, but you can capture small moments that offer a tantalising taste of something bigger. Create a window into life at your property by filling your micro-videos with shots of your different guest rooms, your swimming pool sparkling in the sun and even a view from a balcony. 
Welcome Message
Film a video from the point of view of a guest just arriving at your property to portray the warm welcome everyone can expect at check-in. 
Preview an Upcoming Event 
Build excitement for an approaching event - for example, show staff decorating your property in preparation for Christmas or another festive occasion. 
Vine Weather Report
Pop outside to film a few clips showing off the local weather each day. 
Bring Your Menu to Life
Whet your guests’ appetites by showing off your restaurant’s nightly specials in a short series of stop-motion style videos. 
Hold a Contest
Promote engagement by asking your followers to create and share their own videos inspired by a particular theme like ‘fun in the sun’ or ‘perfect weekend’ and award your favourite video with a weekend break at your property. 
Offer a Glimpse Behind the Scenes
Take advantage of Vine to demonstrate a little personality and show the world your employees working hard behind the scenes doing what they do best. Demonstrate a little personality and give guests an insight into the more human side of your brand and a reason to connect with you.  
Although it’s still finding its feet in a crowded social media market, Vine offers a fun and creative way to engage with your guests.  Have you tried it out yet?
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