Google Launches New Search Engine Interface

Posted on May 6th 2010

Google announced its plans to launch its new Search Engine Interface, which according to ITech Report should be visible to Australian users later today. 

The new interface is said to be a cleaner and fresh take on their already successful Search Engine facilities. The interface features a left - hand navigation bar which will update based on the search question. This also provides users with any easy access to specific types of search results such as books, news articles, images, blog posts and more. The new interface, which has been in testing for a couple of months now is said to be more user friendly, giving users more options as to their choices of what they want to search.

The ‘cleaner’ user interface is just one of the many improvements Google has made to its Search Engine over the past year. Marissa Mayer, Google’s Vice President of Search Products & User Experience said, “Today’s changes are the latest in our continuing efforts to evolve and improve Google. We’ve been testing these changes with users over the past few months, and what we’re launching today reflects the feedback we’ve received,”

By constantly improving their products and services Google is definitely living up to their business philosophy, “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Mayer further commented, “We want to ensure that the Google you use today is better than the one you used yesterday, and these latest changes open up many possibilities for future features and enhancements.”   

The interface is due to begin rolling out across the world as of today, being made available in 37 languages across the world.  So keep checking your Google Search browsers, we are sure to be in for treat!

To hear more about the new design, visit Google’s Official Blog!

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