eTourism Online's New Look Interface!

Posted on May 21st 2010

What’s with the changes?

Here at eTourism we pride ourselves on being innovative and technologically savvy. We are continuously updating our website and products to ensure we can offer the very best to all our clients. If you have visited eTourism Online recently you would have noticed a few changes, specifically in relation to our online booking engine interface.

The booking interfaces have recently undergone an extensive redesign. We wanted to ensure we incorporated the latest trends in booking interfaces, whilst making the booking engine easier to use than ever before.

What was involved in the redesign?

The re-design involved extensive market research, specifically on what the ‘typical’ person seeking to book an apartment / hotel wants. We listened to our customer feedback and trialled the latest booking technologies.

The main aim of the redesign was to not only update the interface to align it with the latest technology, but to also find a way to increase conversion rates. As a result, we have witnessed users become more trusting and eager to place bookings online with properties that utilise our new eTourism Online booking interfaces.

In our Beta testing phase of the redesign we found that we could improve online revenue for our clients based on the simplicity of our interfaces.

We have also redesigned specific features to assist customers when wanting to book more than just accommodation, by incorporating packages and add on’s to the reservation process.

What this means for eTourism online:

For clients who already use the eTourism online interfaces, the new look is immediately applied to your website (we are in the final stages of rolling out to all customers this week).

If you have not seen the new look here is a screen shot of the new interface:

The new booking interface is just the first of many developments eTourism Online plans on rolling out over the next year. We will be sure to keep you updated on the new developments, be sure to watch this space!


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