6 Quick Tips for Writing Emails That Drive Opens and Clicks

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Posted on Oct 29th 2014

It has happened to all of us. You’ve created the perfect email message for your guests. You’ve polished each sentence to address their needs and engage their interests. You’ve taken time to pick the most compelling subject line you can think of.

You finally hit send with a sigh of relief. That’s another job done.

But when you delve into your resort’s email stats, you’re disappointed. The open-rate isn’t as high as you had hoped, and the number of click-throughs is just as discouraging.

Sound familiar? Here are 6 quick and effective tips to get more of your property’s emails opened, read and clicked on.

1) Keep subject lines short (but not too short)

A good subject line will prompt the recipient to open the message to find out more. If you include too much information, you’ll fail to spark the reader’s curiosity, if you don’t include enough, you risk leaving the reader without the motivation to keep reading. The trick is to strike the right balance that inspires your audience to think ‘tell me more’ and click open.

2) Send unopened content one more time.

This one is so simple you’ll be amazed you didn’t think of it. If someone doesn’t open your email when you first send it, there’s nothing to say that they won’t do so second time around. Resending your unopened emails gives your content another chance to get read by its audience, just don’t be tempted to repeatedly send out the same stuff to the same people again and again – try one more time then admit defeat with dignity.

3) Hire a proofreader.

Preferably someone who has not been involved with writing the content. It can be risky to send a message out without having a fresh pair of eyes check over it first.

4) Get your subject line right.

Writing your subject line should NOT be an afterthought. In fact, you should spend more time perfecting the subject line than you do working on the body of your email. After all, if no one bothers to open your message, what difference does it make what it says?

5) Run tests on your subject lines.

How can you be sure you select the best subject line? Running simple A/B tests is a great way to identify the kind of lines that work best with your audience.

6) Align emails with your other messaging.

How does your email messaging tie in with your social posts, blogs, website copy and landing page content? You should aim to deliver a consistent, cohesive brand experience for your guests across all of your platforms.

Do you use any of these tips as part of your resort’s email marketing campaign? Anything more to add? Let us know in the comments below!


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