5 Lessons To Learn From Facebook’s Insights Tool

5 Lessons To Learn From Facebook's Insights Tool
Posted on Feb 5th 2014
How much does your social media community really like you? Facebook’s Insight platform for businesses can help you find out.
The feature offers a range of data that can help you assess the likeability of your property’s brand so you can plan ways to better connect with your online audience. Want to get started? Here are 5 key tips: 
1. Your Weekly Trends
You can track your performance at the end of each week in the Overview section, where you’ll find data relating to your page’s Likes, Reach and Engagement over the past seven days, as well as a record of your property’s five most recent posts. By checking the information here regularly, you can identify and capitalise on trends as they develop to drive engagement rates. You’ll also be able to quickly spot and troubleshoot any problems or negative performance trends before they escalate.  
2. Your Optimal Posting Time
Ever since a Facebook presence became an essential component of every brand’s online campaign, there’s been much debate about the best time of day to post on the social platform. The Insights tool puts an end to all this speculation by offering posting time data tailored to your specific audience. You can use it to identify the times of day and days of the week that generate the best response rates and use this information to draw up a posting schedule that targets your audience when they’re most likely to engage with your content. The information available on the platform is based on recent data, so if your guests’ engagement behaviour changes over time, you can adapt your schedule accordingly. 
3. Your Most Popular Content Types
Although research has identified overall trends when it comes to the kinds of posts that are best at driving audience engagement on Facebook, every brand’s online community is unique and will respond differently to different content types. Happily, the Post Types tab in the Insights Platform helps you identify exactly what kind of content scores highly with your particular audience by providing a data breakdown of recent posts and an overview of the popularity of different post types. 
4. Your Unpopular Content Types
No matter how well you monitor and frequently readjust your Facebook presence, it’s impossible to make all your content popular with everyone all the time. To ensure your property’s efforts are generating more positive than negative reactions, use the data included in the Reach tab to analyse how often your guests have Unliked, hit Hide or even Report as Spam in direct response to your content. If you are able to identify a post type that is frequently unpopular with your audience, you know to use this type of content sparingly, if at all, going forward. 
5. Your Real Audience
The Insights tool also allows you to find out more about the demographic make-up of your Facebook fan base, as well as the wider online audience that may be seeing and engaging with your content. This valuable data can be put to use creating customised campaigns that speak directly to the needs of a particular demographic. Alternatively, you may notice that your campaign is perhaps failing to engage with the guest group you consider your strongest market, and start planning changes you could make to reach that audience segment. 
Have you checked out Facebook’s Insights tool yet? Let us know in the comments below.
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