3 SEO Tactics To Start The New Year Right

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Posted on Jan 16th 2015

Creating an effective SEO campaign is an ongoing commitment – you should be continuingly revisiting your strategies to ensure your site ranks highly in the SERPs and gets clicked-on by your guests.

Now that the New Year celebrations are over, why not take time to revisit and revise your SEO strategies for the best possible start to 2015? Here are 3 steps to get you started.

1. Perform a Quick Technical Audit

When was the last time you gave your resort’s website a technical once over? If it has been awhile, there’s a good chance that URLs have changed or new sections have been added or taken away since your last audit.

Ensure your site is technically solid moving forward by using webmaster tools to check for any 404 problems, server issues and sitemap errors. You should also look in on your Google Analytics Goals to make sure the URLs are up to date and tracking properly.

2. Create a Better User Experience

Creating a great looking, perfectly performing website isn’t just about making it easier for your guests to access your content and make a booking, it’s an important part of your SEO efforts, too.

Google is increasingly interested in how the websites it serves up appear for it users and has begun to crawl sites’ javascript and CSS so it can view how a website looks. With the launch of Google’s own mobile-test site at the end of 2014, it also seems sure that mobile-compatibility will continue to rise as an important ranking factor in the coming months.

3. Repurpose Content

This is the ideal time of year to sit down and analyse your content creation efforts from the previous 12 months. How did your content strategy perform overall? Which blog topics worked best for your resort? Have you thought about ways you can refresh and update popular blog posts to create even more links, social media posts and traffic?

Repurposing old content and social media posts is a great quick SEO boost, so don’t be shy about reposting your best content to make your blog work twice as hard for you in 2015.

Will you be trying out any of these SEO tactics this January? Let us know in the comments below!


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